Affordable Riding: 7 Riding Essentials that won't break the bank

Affordable Riding: 7 Riding Essentials that won't break the bank

Owning, maintaining or riding a horse (or doing all 3!?) can be expensive. It's one of the big hurdles that all new horse owners/riders face at some point in their journey. From the day to day costs you don't realise are mounting up, to the accompanied purchases that seem never ending - This isn't for the feint of heart!

But, buying your riding essentials doesn't have to be costly! In the build up to the Christmas season and bargain-heavy Black Friday, we've compiled a short list of 7 great, affordable pieces of riding equipment that won't put strain on your pocket!

1. Shires Fillis Peacock Stirrups

High quality and durable, the Shires Fillis Peacock Stirrups are ideal for children and new riders and at an excellent price of £24.99, these stirrup irons are not to be missed! 

With so many big names to choose from when attempting to buy stirrups online, it's easy to get overwhelmed by high prices, but safety and quality are possible when opting for cheaper stirrups!

Made from stainless steel and complete with tread, the thick rubber band is easily detachable or replaceable. Ideal for anyone searching for cheap stirrups and long lasting, so why pay more?

2. Shires Premium Saddlecloth

With a slim GP style, the Shires Premium Saddlecloth gives the feeling of luxury without the associated price tag! Complete with a high quality quilted texture, this remains one of our most popular saddle cloths. Available in a range of colours, this unlike other saddle pads, offers a soft absorbent lining.

With functionality taken for granted, many people when making the decision to buy saddle pads online often focus on appearance and with that, end up with an increased price tag! This excellent Shires saddle cloth offers everything you need in aesthetic and maintains an affordable price at only £24.99.

3. Horze Kids & Ponies Crystal Leather Bridle

Made from quality leather, the Horze Kids & Ponies Crystal Leather Bridle is excellent value at only £34.50. Love bling bridles for horses? Then this item is for you! With 3 rows of coloured crystal, this leather bridle has everything you need in style and function.

4. Shires Performance Supafleece Girth

One of our newest saddle girths, the Shires Performance Supafleece Girth comes with imitation sheepskin for added comfort and warmth and is quick washing and quick drying for convenience.

An affordable saddle girth with quality appearance, the Shires Supafleece Girth is available for only £10.99.

5. Shires Performance Supafleece Saddlepad

High quality and stylish, the Shires Performance Supafleece Saddle pad matches the above girth and also comes with imitation sheepskin. Sharing the fast washing and drying properties, this is an ideal purchase for anyone out to buy saddle pads.

Complete with quilted stitch and available in two colours, this saddle pad is a steal for just £41.99.

6. Shires Economy Web Lunge Cavesson

Interested in a cheap horse bridle? Or in the market to buy lunging cavesson 's? Look no further than the Shires Economy Web Lunge Cavesson, an excellent piece of nylon horse tack that is affordable and durable.

Yours for only £16.50, this cavesson bridle comes with excellent build quality and longevity.

7. Horze Kids & Ponies Bundle Offer

Why not save more and get more? Rather than saving on one of the above items, checkout our bundle offer which combines 4 similar piece together for one low price!

The Horze Kids & Ponies Bundle Offer is exclusive for Black Friday and offers you a great quality horse fleece rug, nylon head collar, nylon lead rope and a high quality saddle pad all for £55!

If your horse equipment needs a refresh and you're looking to buy cheap riding equipment, look no further than this all in one bundle!

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