Road Safety for Horse Riders | The Equestrian Store, UK

Road Safety for Horse Riders | The Equestrian Store, UK

Horse and rider on country road

The longer summer evenings bring with them an increased number of horse riders on our country roads, and with this also an increased need for awareness and diligence.

With that said, the fantastic Share the Road to Zero campaign here in Northern Ireland have released some advice for motorists and riders alike, so we can all help keep each other safe on the road.

They have published a comprehensive, 16 page guide for riders and drivers on how to be safe. We highly recommend all of our followers have a read, you can download it in PDF format here:

Download ‘Horse sense for riders and motorists’ (PDF, 0.7MB).

Advice included in this guide includes things such as, how riders can and should plan their route, basic codes of riding conduct, refreshment on the highway code, manoeuvres and signals and how to saddle up properly.

For drivers advice includes what speed is appropriate when around an animal, when to stop and slow down, other hazards to look out for and which signals a rider may give that you need to understand.

We cannot stress enough the importance of this clear and concise guide, and would like to thank Share the Road to Zero for their efforts in keeping horses and riders safe.

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