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Support Equestrianism to secure it's Olympic future | The Equestrian Store, UK

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This Friday (5th of August) marks the beginning of the Olympic Games 2016, hosted this year in Rio, Brazil.

As ever, athletes from countries across the globe will travel to compete at the highest level in their chosen field, and this years games is expected to garner huge attention across all disciplines.

However, there has been a call for support from the Equestrian world, with fans being urged to remain vocal and involved throughout the Olympic competition to show just how important the Equestrian events are to them, as the popularity of the sport will reportedly be assessed this year to see if it will be included in future competitions.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will allegedly be keeping a close eye on print, broadcast and online coverage of all things Equestrian, in an attempt to establish the level of it's popularity and appeal.

Here at The Equestrian Store Blog, we'll be covering as much of the Olympic Equestrian activity as possible, and would encourage all of our customers and followers to interact with all things Equestrian you see online over the course of the summer games to ensure our fantastic sport is recognised!

Fans are encouraged to use the following hashtags in online posts to keep the momentum going: #equestrian, #eventing, #TwoHearts and #JointheJourney

Let's show the IOC what we're all about!

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