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Absorbine Botanicals Natural Herbal Massage Foam
Available as a Massage Foam and Body Rinse, Absorbine Botanicals® Natural Herbal Liniment gently cools, soothes, and refreshes with 12...
EquiKind Jointed Eggbutt Snaffle
The EquiKind Jointed Eggbutt Snaffle offers a durable EquiKind covering which is durable and gentle on the horses mouth.
Equine America Fly-Repel Gel - 500ml
Equine America Fly Repel Gel is a natural insect repellent for use on horses and ponies. Fly Repel Gel is...
Foran Equine Atta-Sorb Gel Syringe
Perfect for digestive problems in foals, this orally applied gel syringe replaces electrolytes and binds intestinal toxins to fight against...
Foran Equine Chevinal Extra Multi-Vitamin Supplement Pellets
This excellent horse multi vitamin pellet supplement is ideal for boosting the nutrient intake of performance horses. Aiding in recovery...
Horze Kids&Ponies Leather Bridle - Black/Gold
The Horze Kids&Ponies Leather Bridle adds some bling to your leather, complete with web reigns this excellent Horze bridle has 3...
Horze Kids&Ponies Leather Crystal Bridle - Black/Pink
The Horze Kids&Ponies Leather Crystal Bridle is available in black and pink with 3 rows of dazzling crystals. Complete with web reigns...
Horze Kids&Ponies Leather Horse Bridle - Black/Light Blue
The Horze Kids&Ponies Leather Horse Bridle is available in black and light blue and adds some dazzling crystal to your bridlework....
Horze Kids&Ponies White Crystal Leather Bridle - Black/White
Horze Kids&Ponies White Crystal Leather Bridle is exceptionally stylish, made from high quality leather and including 3 rows of fashionable...
Hy Air Flow Bandages - NAVY
Unique fully ventilating bandages, minimizes excessive heat build up and offers comfortable elastic and felixibility.
Hy Tail Bandage
High quality and affordable HY tail bandage available in an array of colours.
Korsteel JP Curve Full Cheek Snaffle - Stainless Steel
The Korsteel JP Curve Full Cheek Snaffle provides excellent communication between you and your horse, named after world renowned trainer...
Korsteel JP Curve Gold Eggbutt Snaffle
The Korsteel Gold Eggbutt Snaffle provides excellent communication between you and your horse. Featuring the JP Curve design, this eggbutt...
Korsteel Stainless Steel Wonder Gag
The Korsteel Stainless Steel Wonder Gag is a variation on the Dutch Gag and is used when additional control is...
Leather Hunter Breastplate
Durable, high quality leather hunter breastplate. Available in multiple sizes and dispatched from the UK.
Mackey Cheltenham Gag Bit
The Mackey Cheltenham Gag is made from durable and tasteless stainless steel is designed to be used with cheek gags....
Mackey Classic Bib Martingale
A high quality, durable classic bib Martingale from Mackey's Equestrian. Makes a great addition to any bridlework.
Mackey Classic Padded Leather Bridle - Brown or Black
The Mackey Classic Padded Leather Bridle is high quality and durable. Complete with a padded noseband, available in all sizes....
Mackey Dressage Eggbutt Snaffle
The Mackey Dressage Eggbutt Snaffle is a high quality durable bit which encourages maximum comfort and communication between horse and...
Prolite Closed Tendon Boots
The Prolite Closed Tendon Boots are suitable for the front legs of your horse and offer polycarbonate shields to guard...
Roma Cross Country Horse Boot - Front
Ideal for jumping fences, the Roma Cross Country Horse Boot offer superior protection to the front legs. Perfect for sponsored...
Roma Ultimate 10 Piece Grooming Kit
The Roma Ultimate 10 Piece Grooming Kit has all of your horse grooming essentials! Contains all of the following: Hoof...
Shires Blenheim Leather Market Harborough Training Aid
The great Shires Blenheim Market Harborough is made from durable blenheim leather which is cut and stitched by hand. Useful for...
Shires Chest Expander
Simple to use, adds inches around the chest of a horse, particularly useful for very broad horses.
Shires Deluxe Polo Bandages
Deluxe polo bandages to offer support and comfort. Perfectly flexible and strong, available in a variety of colours.
Shires Ezi-Groom Dandy Brush Large
Soft hold grip back, stiff synthetic bristles. Removes mud and sweat from unclipped horses and ponies without removing the essential...
Shires Flat Ring Mullen Mouth Eggbutt - Stainless Steel
The Shires Flat Ring Mullen Mouth Eggbutt distributes pressure evenly throughout the mouth of your horse and is ideal for horses...
Shires Fleece Bandages (Pack of 4)
Ideal for support and protection, these fleece bandages are soft and comfortable in a variety of colours.
Shires Fleece Topped Over Reach Boots
These great fleece topped over reach boots from Shires are ultra soft and offer great comfort and support for the...
Shires Fulmer Snaffle Stainless Steel
The Shires Fulmer Snaffle is made from Stainless Steel and is perfect for younger horses, with a full cheek assist...
Shires Hollow Mouth Eggbutt
This high quality stainless steel Shires Hollow Mouth Eggbutt bit is light and versatile. It's nutcracker action works by applying...
Shires Jointed Flat Ring Eggbutt Snaffle
Made from durable and tasteless stainless steel, the Shires Jointed Flat Ring Eggbutt Snaffle is ideal for horses with a...
Shires Performance Supafleece Girth
The Shires Performance Supafleece Girth is affordable and functional. Made with Supafleece lining which mimics sheepskin but washes better and faster,...
Shires Rubber Covered Overcheck Bradoon
The Shires Rubber Covered Overcheck Bradoon is strong and durable but provides a mild connection with the horses mouth to improve...
Shires Salisbury Five Point Breastplate
This high quality Shires Salisbury Five Point Breastplate features contrast stitching and is made from durable salisbury leather with removable sheepskin...
Shires Touch Close Over Reach Boots
The Shires Touch Close Over Reach Boots are perfect for protecting your horse against scuffs and injury, complete with a...
Tempest Plus 200 Horse Rug
high quality, durable and comfortable horse rug that offers ShireTex fabric technology which is waterproof and rip resistant. Fully lined...
Tempest Plus 300 Combo Horse Rug
A fantastic horse rug with integrated neck cover which is fastened with double sided touch close straps. Available in a...
Tempest Plus 300 Horse Rug Neck Cover
A great addition to the Tempest Plus 300 horse rug, this excellent neck cover features a double layer touch close...
WeatherBeeta Freestyle 1200D Detach-A-Neck Heavy Horse Rug
Boasting freestyle features, this excellent horse rug gives your horse the ultimate protection and freedom of movement . Offering a...
£159.99 £145.00
WeatherBeeta Genero 1200D Standard Neck Medium Horse Rug
Providing ultimate comfort and protection, this excellent horse rug is a standard neck edition with 220g of polyfill and adjustable...
WeatherBeeta Waffle Cooler Standard Neck Horse Rug
WeatherBeeta cooling rug, ideal for travelling. This horse rug comes complete with a standard neck in a variation of sizes...
Wessex 200 Under Rug
Versatile and comfortable, this horse under rug provides additional warmth and protection from the elements. Complete with integrated neck cover...