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NAF M Power
NAF M Power provides the ultimate muscle power, strength and stamina. A leading natural formula that promotes healthy muscle deveolpment,...
NAF Recover Horse Supplement
NAF Recover is a liquid based antioxidant formula for relaxed muscles. Ideal for use after strenuous exercies, NAF Recover supports...
NAF D-Ty Performance Supplement
NAF D-Ty is designed to provide nutritional support of healthy muscle tissue and function. Consisting of naturally sourced anti oxidants,...
NAF Electro Salts
NAF Electro Salts are designed to combat the loss of essential body salts such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium which...
NAF Thrive Digestion Supplement
NAF Thrive contains a natural digestive clay to collect excesses from the horses gut and slow the rate of passage...
NAF Sand Gard
NAF Sand Gard is a specially formulated supplement, designed to sweep out accumulated dust or sandy soil from your horses...
NAF Slim Pellets - 3.3kg
NAF Slim Pellets are perfect for horses in need of diet/weight management. Opposed to reducing food in take alone, NAF...
NAF Kof-Eze Liquid - 500ml
NAF Kof Eze is an excellent supplement designed to combat respiratory stress in your horse. A highly palatable linctus, NAF...
NAF Easy Breathing Liquid - 1 Litre
NAF Easy Breathing Liquid is a naturally formulated solution designed to relieve respiratory stress caused by every day living conditions....
NAF Easy Breathing Lung Support - 1kg
NAF Easy Breathing is a highly concentrated powder formula designed to relieve respiratory stress caused by every day living conditions....
Naf Five Star Respirator Boost - 1ltr
Naf Respirator is a powerful natural formula designed to provide valuable nutritional support to the mucosal immune system and the...
Naf Five Star Respirator - 1kg
Naf Respirator provides essential nutrients to the respiratory mucosal immune system of your horse and supports the capillary blood vessels...
NAF Hoof & Sole Liquid - 1 Litre
NAF Hoof & Sole is a high quality topical application, designed to treat cracked hooves and soft soles, helping to...
NAF Five Star Profeet Pellets - 3kg
NAF Profeet Pellets offer excellent nutritional support which targets healthy liver function to in turn promote healthy hoof growth. Made...
NAF Go Sound Natural Solution
NAF Go Sound is a natural supplement designed to improve comfort in older horses or animals needing additional support.
NAF Five Star Superflex Senior Powder
NAF Superflex Senior Powder offers a unique formula comprised of the richest nutrients necessary for joint care and health in...
NAF General Purpose Supplement - 2kg
The excellent NAF General Purpose Supplement is a mixture of vitamins and minerals to support general health and wellbeing in...
Equine America Everyday Vitamin & Mineral Supplement
Equine America Everyday Vitam & Mineral is a complete supplement combination for your horse. Containing top quality vitamins, minerals, pro-biotics and...
Equine America Emune Solution - 1 ltr
Equine America Emune Solution is expertly designed to provide support to your animals immune system. Made from extracts of Echinacea and...
Equine America Cortaflex Regular Strength Powder
Equine America Cortaflex regular strength powder is ideal for joint care and bone management in both horses and ponies. Suitable...
Equine America Copper-Plus Powder - 908g
Equine America Copper-Plus Powder is a high quality copper supplement ideal for horses whose diets may otherwise lack high copper...
Equine America Bleader Gard Powder - 908g
Equine America Bleader Gard Powder provides essential support to the lungs and blood vessels during intense exercise and activity.Bleader Gard...
Equine America Bleader Gard Paste - 2x 15ml
Equine America Bleader Gard supplements provide essential support to the respiratory system during intense workouts. Available in paste form, this...
Equine America Apple Lytes Paste - 2x 15ml
Equine America Apple Lytes Paste is the companies excellent electrolyte formula now in paste form administered orally via syringe. Used to...
Foran Equine Honey +C Cough Syrup
This specially blended horse syrup contains honey  and herbal airway soothers fortified with Vitamin C to aid respiratory health.
Foran Equine Feratone Iron Boosting Syrup
This excellent Foran Feratone syrup is designed to boost iron, providing B vitamins and copper to promote red blood cell...
£57.75 £26.25
Foran Equine Coppervit Organic Syrup
This great organic syrup supplement for horses is fortified  with Vitamin E, Manganese, Biotin and Vitamin B12. Perfect for horses...
£126.00 £39.20
Foran Equine Chevinal Extra Multi-Vitamin Supplement Pellets
This excellent horse multi vitamin pellet supplement is ideal for boosting the nutrient intake of performance horses. Aiding in recovery...
Foran Equine Atta-Sorb Gel Syringe
Perfect for digestive problems in foals, this orally applied gel syringe replaces electrolytes and binds intestinal toxins to fight against...
Foran Equine Airvent Syrup - Respiratory & Breathing
Superb Foran Airvent vapour releasing syrup designed to open airways for easier breathing. Consisting of vitamin C for immune boosting...
Lincoln Platinum Ulitimate Flex Performance Joints 1.5kg
Ultimate Flex is designed to meet the needs of horses with more challenging joint problems or to support horses in...
Lincoln Platinum Pro Hoof Fit 1.65kg
Lincoln Platinum Pro Hoof Fit contains optimum levels of Biotin proven to improve hoof growth and condition, along with essential...
Lincoln Platinum Pro Breathe
Lincoln Platinum Pro Breathe Respiratory contains a powerful combination of the antioxidants Vitamin C and E which work together to...
Lincoln Platinum Pro 5 Mag Calmer
Lincoln Platinum Pro 5 Mag Calmer is the first calmer to use 5 different sources of magnesium, including both chelated...
Horslyx Smallholder Block 5Kg
Smallholder Block is a palatable, high energy, mineralised feed lick which provides a concentrated source of sugar which is important...
Horslyx Respiratory 15kg
Mobility Horslyx offers horse owners the unique opportunity to encourage natural, trickle feeding patterns, balance the nutritional deficiencies in forage...
Horslyx Mini Rainbow Mixed 4x650g
Unique and highly palatable, Mini Horslyx offers a three day supply of all the nutritional benefits that every Horslyx product...
Naf Love The Skin Supplement
Love The Skin Supplement
£37.50 £29.99
NAF Superflex Joint Powder
NAF Superflex Joint Powder provides a scientifically balanced combination of all the main nutrients needed to promote joint care and...
NAF SuperFlex Liquid - 500ml/1 Litre
Naf SuperFlex Liquid is a combination of readily absorbed Glucosamine and Chondroitin along with the highest quality MSM all mixed in...
Naf Devils Relief Joint Solution
Naf Devils Relief is a highly concentrated natural soltuion made with Devil's Claw, a herb native to Africa. This fantastic...
NAF Biotin Plus Tub - 1.5kg
NAF Biotin Plus is specially designed to promote healthy hooves. The ideal hoof care product, it is made from methionine, MSM, zinc...
Naf Haylage Balancer
Naf Haylage Balancer is a natural, nutritional support formula designed to help your horse maximise his roughage intake while also...
Naf Biotics Horse Supplement
Naf Biotics Horse supplement is a combination of pre and probiotics designed to support the natural microbial repopulation of the...
Naf In The Pink Senior
Naf In The Pink Senior 1.8kg
Naf In The Pink Powder
Naf In The Pink provides scientifically formulated nutritional support to the gut, which is the cornerstone of a horses health and...
Naf In The Pink Senior Powder
Naf In The Pink Senior is ideal for all old age performers, specially formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of...

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